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As a leading vertically integrated construction materials company, we are committed to the future and its impact on our industry, seeking out opportunities to develop innovative practices and solutions to build a better tomorrow. With continual advancements in technology, we strive to support all pieces of the business by providing easy access to a collaborative system that provides not only our teams, but our suppliers the ability to enhance their strategic goals through a one-stop-shop marketplace. We hope to continue creating value for all and open the door for a more sustainable future.

Procurement Team

Meet our staff based at Summit Materials, LLC headquartered in Denver, CO as well as across the country.


Find guidance on insurance requirements, policies, taxes, forms, terms and conditions, and other information needed by suppliers.

The Procurement team is responsible for the acquisition of all supplies, equipment and services for Summit Materials, LLC and its Operating Companies. It is our responsibility to ensure high-quality products and services are obtained at the best po‚Äčssible price.

Summit Materials Staff

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Sustainable Procurement

Explore sustainable procurement through environmental governance and social responsibility practices.